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Nara tour! Yoshino Sakura Helicopter Cruising
Luxury helicopter excursion to / from Yao Airport

Nara tour! Yoshino Sakura Helicopter Cruising
Luxury helicopter excursion to / from Yao Airport

Flight Time



320,000yen (Tax included)〜

The price will remain the same, regardless of the number of passengers on board.

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Why Should I Take a Helicopter?

AIROS Skyview is the place to go sightseeing in Yoshino Senbon Sakura from the sky with a helicopter. You can see historical sights such as Hase-ji Temple, Heijo-kyo, Koriyama Castle Ruins, Mimuro-san, and Asago-Sonji-ji Temple, and you can see Yoshinoyama from Shimosenbon, Nakasenbon, Kamisenbon, and Okusenbon. It is a luxurious plan where you can experience the entire cherry blossoms of Nara and Yoshino with a helicopter with open windows.

Option Info

Further Details


Osaka city,

Takada 1000 Sakura,

Nanhokaji Hasedera,


Koriyama Castle Ruins,


Chogosonshiji Temple,

Mt. Yoshino,




Oku thousand,

Why don't you make a more memorable memory with an important person?
The bouquet will be held by the staff after the flight ends.
You can choose your favorite flowers by purchase form.

Large bouquet

Seasons bouquet

  • Meeting Area

    Yao Airport

  • Address

    〒 581-0043 Yao Airport, 2-12 Aiport, Yao-shi, Osaka

    See Google Map!
  • Access Information

    JR Kyuhouji Station, Osaka Metro Yaominami Station

    JR Yamatozisen Line Kyuhouji Station, 10 minutes away by Taxi from The Station.

    Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line Yaominami Station, 5 minutes away by Taxi from The Station.

    We will send the detail information after Reservation.

Third Party-/Passenger Legal Liability InsuranceDetail

Following companies,

Akagi Helicopter, DHC Helicopter div, First Flying Co., Takumi Aviation Enterprises (the syllabary order)

In cases of adverse weather, or in cases where the aircraft operator deems that the weather is not suitable for flying, the flight will be cancelled for passenger safety.
When a cancellation occurs due to weather, the full price of the flight is refunded (excluding bank transfer fees).
Flights will depart as long as the pilot approves, and weather conditions meet legal weather minimas.
Changes to the departure date can be made as long as it is within our cancellation policy.

7 to 4 Days Before Your Flight: Full Refund

3 or 2 Days Before Your Flight: 50% Refund

1 Day Before (the day before), on the Day of the Flight, or No Show: No Refund

Select Your Departure Date