Fastest access to Mount Fuji in 35 minutes Departing from Tokyo, helicopter service [limited to 4 flights]

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Tokyo Heliport

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Fuji Area

Flight time

35 min

Flight fare

59,800 JPY~
per seat

Price per person | One-way

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The local heliport is right in front of Mount Fuji, making it an excellent photo spot. You can take the best photos with Mount Fuji, a helicopter, and yourself.

Meeting place

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Tokyo Heliport

You can reach Tokyo Station and other major areas in Tokyo by taxi or limousine in about 30 minutes.


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Fuji Oshino Heliport

The Fuji Oshino Heliport, located at the base of Mount Fuji, is situated in a location that allows for a 20-minute car journey to Lake Kawaguchi and a 10-minute drive to Lake Yamanaka, both part of the Fuji Five Lakes.


Regarding carry-on baggage

One piece of baggage within the cabin baggage size is allowed per person free of charge. Any baggage exceeding this size or quantity must be sent in advance or we can provide delivery for a fee.

Tourist Attractions Around Fuji and an Example of a One-Day Schedule

Depart from Tokyo Heliport
Arrive at Fuji Oshino Heliport Please enjoy the photo session
Sightseeing at Oshino Hakkai
Lunch with Fuji’s Specialty Dishes
Enjoy Activities at Lake Kawaguchi
Depart from Fuji Oshino Heliport (or stay overnight)

Bell 505 Jet Ranger X

Bell-made helicopter. Seats 4 passengers + pilot. Equipped with cargo space, so one piece of carry-on baggage within cabin baggage size is allowed free of charge. Operated by Yūhi Airlines or Takumi Airlines.(Depending on the availability on the day, the equipment used may be changed to other helicopters such as AS350 or R44.)

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Armor Experience (Takeda Shingen Model)

Experience wearing a life-sized, authentic suit of armor modeled after the Sengoku warlord, Takeda Shingen. On clear days, you can wear the armor and take beautiful photos with Mount Fuji in the background from the facility's rooftop. *Please note that the armor is worn over regular clothing.

Kimono Rental Stroll Plan + Mt.Fuji Amazing View Café (1-hour usage)

A combined experience plan that includes the freedom to stroll around Lake Kawaguchi wearing traditional Japanese garments (kimono, yukata, haori, etc.) and 1-hour usage of the newly opened 'Mt.Fuji Amazing View Café' in Lake Kawaguchi.

Kimono Rental Stroll Plan

A rental plan that allows you to freely stroll around Lake Kawaguchi wearing traditional Japanese garments such as furisode, yukata, and haori hakama.

Optional Activities

To enhance your experience in the Fuji area, we offer optional activities such as strolling and photo sessions in traditional attire against the backdrop of majestic Mount Fuji. Enjoy memorable moments in the Fuji area through various experiences.
*Booking and operation of activities are entrusted to a separate company.

Easy booking

Easy Booking

Easily book online. After booking your flight, our support desk will guide you through the procedures until your boarding.


About transportation after arrival.

If there are no nearby stations, we can arrange a taxi to the heliport for those who wish


Please enjoy the Mount Fuji scenery during the flight

Enjoy the scenic views of Tokyo and Fuji without the hassle of luggage and transportation, experiencing a swift and easy access.

Cancellation Policy

Flight cancellation policy revision implemented on March 18, 2024:
Contact made 14 to 8 days before the scheduled flight: 10%
Contact made 7 to 5 days before the scheduled flight: 30%
Contact made 4 to 3 days before the scheduled flight: 50%
From 2 days before to the day of the flight, or in case of no contact: 100%


It's a helicopter access flight that connects Tokyo with the Fuji area. It allows you to travel in 35 minutes, a journey that normally takes 2 hours by road. Using it for a round trip can increase your stay time in the area by about 3 hours, allowing you to make the most of your valuable travel time.

There is nothing specific that is needed

A location about 20 minutes away by car from Lake Kawaguchi. Taxi services are available upon request

You can either purchase additional seats or our staff will deliver it on the ground (within Tokyo's 23 wards only).

For the 3-passenger aircraft, you can have up to 3 passengers, and the total weight, including passengers and baggage, should not exceed 210kg. There is also a per-seat weight limit of 120kg, so passengers exceeding this limit may not be able to board. For the 4-passenger aircraft, the total weight, including passengers and baggage, should not exceed 300kg. Please note that there is limited cargo space, so large baggage may require separate delivery.

Helipads do not allow car parking, so please use public transportation like taxis.

Weather conditions may affect the flight time. We will make a determination of flight availability around 6:00 PM the day before the flight. Please have alternative transportation options prepared in case the flight is canceled.

We will provide detailed information about the meeting location after your reservation is confirmed.