Great view of Yokohama Night City!

Yokohama NightHelicopter Cruising

AIROS Skyview has Yokohama Night City Helicopter Cruising plans for your Best Price!
Departing from Yokohama heliport, Your helicopter seats is privately reserved.

  • Funabashi Heliport

    【Enjoy the night view of Tokyo by helicopter】Tokyo night helicopter tour for 50 minutes

    For: Surprises, Sightseeing

    Up to 3 Passengers

    Night cruising that takes you around Yokohama and Minatomirai in addition to Tokyo. Night cruise around Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Marunouchi, Minato Mirai, etc. Perfect for an anniversary date while watching the night view of Tokyo. A bouquet option is also available for proposals.


    50 Minutes

    ¥ 149800 (Tax included)

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  • Tokyo Heliport

    【Luxurious Helicopter Night View】Shinjuku Shibuya, Sky Tree & Yokohama Tour


    Up to 5 Passengers

    Departure and arrival report to Tokyo, night helicopter sightseeing! Helicopter night cruising in 2 cities of Tokyo urban area and Yokohama in 55 minutes rich ♩ After sightseeing over Sky Tree and Shibuya / Shinjuku, move to Yokohama. We will cover all the essential spots in Yokohama, such as Minato Mirai and the Red Brick Warehouse. You can enjoy it as Tokyo's finest date plan.

    Rainbow Bridge

    55 Minutes

    ¥ 990000 (Tax included)

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  • Akada(shonan west) Heliport

    Night Helicopter Tour of Shonan & Yokohama
    A Luxurious Date in Yokohama

    For: Dates, Proposals, and Surprises

    Up to 3 Passengers

    Experience a luxurious helicopter night tour that includes the night views of Shonan-Enoshima and Yokohama Minato Mirai, as well as other Yokohama landmarks such as Chinatown, Osanbashi Pier, and the night views of Enoshima Sea Candle and YOKOHAMA Hakkeijima Sea Paradise


    50 Minutes

    ¥ 128000 (Tax included)

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