MIURA HELICOPTER TRIPTrip to the Miura Peninsula by helicopter

You can book helicopter flights and accommodation packages. Experience the luxury of an extraordinary journey by air.

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Spend a relaxing and blissful time on the Miura Peninsula while looking out over Tokyo Bay and Yokohama Minato Mirai by helicopter.

A mere 30-minute helicopter ride in the sky to a glamping facility surrounded by ocean, mountains and rivers in the warm Pacific Ocean.Forget the hustle and bustle of the city and the traffic jams, and enjoy a moment of nature!

ABOUTService Overview

A completely private trip.

The helicopter cabin is completely private. The view of the sky is also completely reserved for you.You will be escorted by an airline pilot who will be your personal guide on the day of the flight. We promise you a safe and relaxing flight.

Our exclusive partnerships with national airlines make it possible.

Safety first and most affordable AirX travel plans.The airline controls operations and is operated by its own commercial pilots.

Full support for the entire day's experience.

Support for your entire travel and transportation experience. A dedicated staff member will guide you from before you book, through the end of your trip, liaising with pilots, other transport and accommodation staff. Of course, your privacy, including your information, will be protected.

PLANAccommodation + Helicopter Transfer

This plan includes overnight stay and helicopter transfer to the vicinity of your accommodation.
We can arrange for a taxi to take you to your accommodation.

HELICOPTERHelicopter travel only.

Only helicopter transfers are available.
A helipad close to your destination is available.