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Helicopter cruising to / from Moka
Helicopter tour of Mooka Station and city area

Flight Time

3 min〜


3,900 yen (tax included)/people〜

Price per person.
Up to 3 passengers!

The service has ended

Why Should I Take a Helicopter?

If you want to see Moka from the sky by helicopter, AIROS Skyview. You can see Moka City Station Building, SL Kyuurokukan, Osaki Shrine, Ninomiya Town, Road Station only, Moka City Sports Park, Shiroyama Park, etc. Recommended for sightseeing in Moka City and Ninomiya Town.

Option Info

Further Details

Flight Price(tax included)

Flight Course flight time price / 1 person
Trial Course 3minutes ¥3,900/people
Experience Course 5minutes ¥6,900/people
Power Plant Course 10minutes ¥12,900/people
Ninomiya Town Course 10minutes ¥12,900/people
Moka Flight Courses
  • Meeting Area

    Moka City Special Heliport

  • Address

    972-1, Kobayashi, Moka-shi, Tochigi Prefecture

    See Google Map!
  • Access Information

    {:station=>"Moka Station", :first=>"7 minutes by cab from Moka Station"}

Following companies,

Akagi Helicopter,
DHC Helicopter div,
Takumi Aviation Enterprises
(the syllabary order)

Third Party-/Passenger Legal Liability InsuranceDetail

In cases of adverse weather, or in cases where the aircraft operator deems that the weather is not suitable for flying, the flight will be cancelled for passenger safety.
When a cancellation occurs due to weather, the full price of the flight is refunded (excluding bank transfer fees).
Flights will depart as long as the pilot approves, and weather conditions meet legal weather minimas.
Changes to the departure date can be made as long as it is within our cancellation policy.

7 to 4 Days Before Your Flight: Full Refund

3 or 2 Days Before Your Flight: 50% Refund

1 Day Before (the day before), on the Day of the Flight, or No Show: No Refund

The service has ended