Take a helicopter flight over Hakuba!
Flight around Mt. Norikura and Kurobe Dam

Flight Time

5 min〜


--- JPY (tax included)/people〜

Price per person.
Up to 3 passengers!


Why Should I Take a Helicopter?

Starting from the foot of Hakuba Happo One by helicopter, you can enjoy the flight course to Tsugaike Kogen, Tsugaike Nature Park, Mt. This is the perfect plan for your first helicopter flight experience!

Option Info

Further Details

Flight Price(tax included)

flight time Passenger 2 Passenger 3
5minutes ¥19,800/people ¥14,800/people
10minutes ¥35,800/people ¥24,800/people
15minutes ¥51,800/people ¥34,800/people
25minutes ¥85,800/people ¥56,800/people
flight time Passenger 4 Passenger 5
5minutes ¥11,800/people ¥8,800/people
10minutes ¥18,800/people ¥14,800/people
15minutes ¥26,800/people ¥21,800/people
25minutes ¥42,800/people 不可

Price per person, children under 3 years old are free. (Minimum 2 people)

Out of service

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  • Meeting Point

    Hakuba Mominoki Hotel heliport

  • Address

    〒 399-9301 Hakuba

    Refer Google Map
  • Access Information

    JR Hakuba Station, JR白馬駅

    6 minutes away by Taxi from The Station

AirX's Commitment to Safe Operations

Third Party-/Passenger Legal Liability InsuranceDetail

Following companies,

Akagi Helicopter,
Takumi Aviation Enterprises,
Tsukuba Aviation
Japan Flight Service
(the syllabary order)

If the operating airline decides to cancel the flight due to bad weather or other factors, the flight shall be canceled and we will refund your entire fare (excluding bank transfer fees).
Flights will depart as long as the pilot approves and the weather conditions meet the specified standards.
You can change your itinerary before the application of the cancellation policy.

Flight Cancellation Due to Poor Weather, etc. Full refund
Notification 14 to 8 days before scheduled flight date 10% of total fare
Notification 7 to 5 days before scheduled flight date 30% of total fare
Notification 4 to 3 days before scheduled flight date 50% of total fare
2 days before, on flight date, or no notification 100% of total fare

*Cancellation policy was revised on March 18, 2024

Out of service