Helicopter x Hire Plan

A private and elegant trip in a private hire car and helicopter



From the place you want to ride to a completely private air trip.

We offer you an extraordinary experience that you can't usually experience with a private car and a helicopter in a completely private space.

The day of the flight

Hire car to pick you up at your home, hotel or any other place of your choice

We will pick you up at any location you designate and take you to and from the heliport in complete privacy.

Transfer from hire car to helicopter.

After arriving at the heliport, we will explain the precautions for the flight, and you will board the helicopter after going through the prescribed procedures.

Enjoy a completely private and elegant flight

The helicopter is completely private. Once you are up in the sky, a world that you cannot experience on the ground is waiting for you.

Pick up and drop off at your destination by hire car

The basic pick up area is 7.5 km from Hiroshima Station. If you would like to have a pick up service outside of this area, we will be happy to make an additional payment depending on the area you wish to visit.After enjoying the helicopter ride, you will be transferred to a waiting private car to take you to your destination of your choice.