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Direct access from Narita Airport
Comfortable and fastest movement without worrying about traffic jams

Direct access from Narita Airport
Comfortable and fastest movement without worrying about traffic jams

Flight Time



32,780yen/Sheat (Tax included)〜

The price per person.

Select Your Departure Date

Why Should I Take a Helicopter?

Access to Narita Airport is by helicopter.The fastest move from Narita Airport to Tokyo in 18 minutes without getting caught in traffic.Prices are weekdays:32,780〜54,780 yen, holidays:32,780 or 54,780 yen! At Narita Airport, staff will guide you to the airport terminal.Enjoy the air movement that combines speed and comfort.

Further Details

What do I need to make a reservation?

Flight number is required when booking.

Reservations can only be made for passengers flying on and off Narita Airport on that day.

When will I be notified if my flight were to be cancelled due to adverse weather?

We will contact you by 19:00 the day before your flight via email.

If there is no response, we will contact you by phone or SMS.

In the event where the flight is cancelled due to adverse weather, there will be a full-refund for the flight.

We cannot compensate for transportation to the heliport, or any other expenses caused by the cancellation.

What is your refund policy regarding weather cancellations?

This service will not offer compensation for cancellation fees or any other fees relating to your accommodation.

How much luggage can I bring aboard my flight?

On-board luggage is limited to luggage that would fit on your lap (handbags, backpacks, etc.).

Larger luggage must be sent through the postal service to your accommodation with the date of your stay, and your name written on the front.

Please let the accommodation know about your luggage in advance.

About moving after arriving at Narita

・ After arriving at Narita Airport, there is a car transfer from the helipad to the terminal for about 10 minutes.

Notes on photography in Tokyo Heliport

The plan of Tokyo heliport departure is a part of the terrorism countermeasure of Tokyo, and photography and the picture taking in the site are banned.

Passengers who would like to commemorate Memorial in front of the helicopter, please consider Funabashi helport and the night course from Yokohama Nishi heliport.

It is possible to shoot in the helicopter and shoot during flight.


Tokyo distant view,

Narita Airport,

  • Meeting Area

    Narita Airport

  • Address

    〒 282-0004 Narita Aiport, 1-1, Furugome, Narita-shi, Chiba Japan

    See Google Map!
  • Meeting place detailed information

    The meeting place varies depending on the boarding flight.

    Detailed location will be provided after helicopter flight schedule is confirmed.

Third Party-/Passenger Legal Liability InsuranceDetail

Takumi Aviation Enterprises

In cases of adverse weather, or in cases where the aircraft operator deems that the weather is not suitable for flying, the flight will be cancelled for passenger safety.
When a cancellation occurs due to weather, the full price of the flight is refunded (excluding bank transfer fees).
Flights will depart as long as the pilot approves, and weather conditions meet legal weather minimas.
Changes to the departure date can be made as long as it is within our cancellation policy.

7 to 4 Days Before Your Flight: Full Refund

3 or 2 Days Before Your Flight: 50% Refund

1 Day Before (the day before), on the Day of the Flight, or No Show: No Refund

Select Your Departure Date