Membership-based sharing service for air mobility エアモビリティの会員制シェアリングサービス

Toward the first step toward a world where we can utilize the sky more closely



Membership-based air mobility service operated by AirX

This is a membership-based sharing service operated by AirX, which has built the air mobility business from scratch with helicopters and small planes.

In Europe and the United States, air mobility, such as helicopters and Cessnas, is commonly used to transport people between airports and cities, and to tourist resorts.

This membership service will utilize the knowledge and assets that AirX has acquired in the course of its business, with the aim of creating a use case where air travel can be as free as in Europe and the United States.

Operated by AirX's partner airlines. The aircraft is registered as a business aircraft and will be operated safely in the transportation business based on the Civil Aeronautics Law.

About MembershipWhat is Air Mobility's membership program?

Welcome to the days when air travel is the norm.

Would you like to actually experience the world after 2023, when flying cars will be introduced in Japan?

AirX operates three helicopters under its own management and can provide access to more than 100 heliports nationwide.

A variety of aircraft, including the latest, will be introduced. We will be able to provide you with priority access to new transportation experiences using these aircraft.
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Give yourself a complete sky booking experience with your smartphone.

Call a cab or book a ride on the bullet train with your smartphone. Now you can do the same thing with a helicopter.

Just select the place you want to go, the price and time will be displayed, and if you like it, you can book it.

Because it is a members-only service, you only need to enter your information the first time. You can make a reservation as early as the day before.

Try the increasingly convenient air mobility at membership price of conventional mobility

The number of heliports that can be moved is gradually expanding nationwide. They can be used for business, travel, or any other occasion.

In order to make helicopters more accessible to our members, we have made them available at membership price.