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Detailed information

Robinson R44
  • max passengers: 3people
  • space: None (Boarding baggage on your lap)
  • flight speed: about 170km/h
  • feature: The large windows allow you to move to your destination while enjoying the view from all seats.
  • max passengers: 5people
  • space: Yes (carry case, golf bag, etc. can be loaded)
  • flight speed: about 200km/h
  • feature: It is a popular aircraft that is also used in public and transportation of goods.

What kind of insurance do you take out? Is there a separate charge for insurance?

「Comprehensive Third Party and Passenger Liability Insurance」
Insurance to provide coverage if you are legally liable for damage to the life or limb of an off-board third party or passenger, or for damage to the property of an off-board third party or passenger's baggage, as a result of an accidental accident arising out of the ownership, use or maintenance of an aircraft under a policy.

How does the day go?

①Please be sure to check your email before you leave. If your flight is cancelled due to bad weather or other reasons, we will send you an email. In case of flight cancellation due to bad weather or other reasons, you will receive an email.
②If you arrive too early, you may have to wait for a long time.
③After checking in, our staff will give you instructions on how to board the plane.
④We will take you to the cabin at the appointed time (if your flight arrives too early, it may take longer than expected). You will be escorted to the aircraft on time.
⑤Upon arrival at the heliport, you may dismiss immediately.

How much luggage do you carry?

Only carry-on-sized baggage (excluding carry-on bags) is allowed, one per person. If your baggage is determined to be too large for your carry-on luggage at your departure point on the day, you may not be allowed to take it on board.

Is the helicopter safe?

The aircraft is inspected, maintained, and in perfect condition, and is operated by an experienced pilot with extensive flying experience. For safety reasons, flights may be cancelled depending on the weather and wind speed on the day.

Third Party-/Passenger Legal Liability InsuranceDetail