Helicopter tour of Tokyo

Special plan to enjoy 30% off the regular price.



Make White Day 2021 Special with a Helicopter

In order for couples, couples, and families to enjoy activities with peace of mind due to the ongoing self-restraint caused by the Corona disaster, we have prepared a special flight for White Day 2021 only. In addition, five passengers will be selected by lottery to receive a free flight. We hope you will take advantage of this special opportunity to enjoy a view of Tokyo that can only be seen from a helicopter.

The day of the flight

Enjoy the view of Tokyo by helicopter

From a height of 600 meters above the ground, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Odaiba, Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Station, the Imperial Palace, and other sights that can only be experienced in Tokyo. The view from the special seat of a helicopter is sure to be a memorable White Day experience.

Enjoy special prices for White Day only.

For those of you who are still in a period of self-restraint due to the Corona disaster, you can enjoy a special price of 31,400 yen, about 30% off the regular price, for a daytime round trip flight plan in Tokyo. This special offer is only available in 2021, and is especially good for those who have never been on a helicopter before.