Seaside Barbecue Plan by Helicopter



Enjoy the trip of a lifetime with a helicopter and barbecue

Perfect for those looking for a different kind of barbecue.

Enjoy a barbecue right in front of the ocean.

The helicopter ride only takes about 25 minutes.

Enjoy a fulfilling moment of nature on a helicopter trip.

ABOUTService Overview

Completely private travel. Private travel.

The helicopter cabin is completely private. The view of the sky is also completely reserved for you.

An airline pilot will be your personal guide on the day of the flight. We guarantee you a safe and relaxing helicopter trip in the sky.

Helicopter ride and barbecue

We have exclusive partnerships with the airlines, so safe and affordable helicopter travel is possible.

Departing from the Tokyo Heliport, we arrived at our destination in just 25 minutes, enjoying the view over Tokyo.

Upon arrival, our staff will escort you to the barbecue area.

The barbecue area is right by the sea.

The barbecue area you will be using is located right next to the ocean.

You can enjoy a BBQ while playing in the ocean.

Spend a relaxing time at the seaside with a sense of openness in the ocean breeze.

You can enjoy the barbecue without any money.

A BBQ stove as well as a chair table set and tent are included in the standard plan.

We will prepare the food and drinks that we have asked you to prepare in advance.(Food and other expenses are to be paid locally.)

You can also bring in your own personal items of your choice.

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