Helicopter to Shimoda and Higashi Izu! Helicopter Taxi to/from Tokyo

Access to Izu/Shimoda by helicopter from Tokyo and Yokohama


Helicopter flight
to Izu-Shimoda

Luxury in Izu-Shimoda
Helicopter Transfer for a Superb Experience

Located on the coastline of Sagami Bay, Shimoda and Higashi Izu are ideal resort areas to visit by helicopter cab. Helicopter transportation eliminates the need for lengthy travel time, and AIROS Skyview offers the lowest and fastest prices available. Enjoy a comfortable flight with a view of the Izu Peninsula.


Private helicopter transfer to Shimoda and Higashi Izu

The helicopter cabin is completely private. An airline pilot will be your exclusive guide for the day. We promise you a safe and relaxing helicopter ride in the sky until your arrival at Izu-Shimoda.

45 minutes from Tokyo by helicopter

Helicopters allow access in less than half the travel time. You do not have to worry about the long travel time to Shimoda and Higashi Izu.

*By public transportation, it takes about 4 hours from Tokyo to Shimoda.

An extraordinary experience overlooking Shimoda and Higashi Izu

Enjoy the breathtaking view of Izu from 600 meters above the ground.

Japan's beautiful sea, mountains, and cityscapes.

Why not encounter views that can only be seen from a helicopter?

Secure access
under the heliport operations manager

AirX, Inc., the operator of AIROS Skyview, will guide passengers safely and comfortably until they arrive at the heliport in cooperation with the operation manager of the destination heliport.

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