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Helicopter Gift Ticket

Helicopter Gift Tickets
for Business

Helicopter gift tickets
are a great way to celebrate your business

Whether it is a prize for an event or a campaign, a gift for long years of service, a retirement gift, or a commemorative gift, it is important to choose a gift that conveys your feelings in the business world.
You can choose from a variety of plans for helicopter gift tickets at a price that fits your budget. Please feel free to ask us about bulk purchases and pricing.



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for Occasions and Parties

AIROS skyview offers helicopter tours as business gifts for occasions like retirement , welcome, farewell parties, and welfare programs. Some people thought Helicopter is too overpriced but we offer 32,800 yen for 10 minutes and up to 3 people can participate.


for Golf competitions

If you are the organizer of a golf competition and are worried about the reward, you are at the right place. A night view from a helicopter will surely be appreciated as a winning reward! We can issue tickets for helicopter tours in Kanto, Kansai, and other regions throughout Japan.


for Events and Campaigns

Helicopter gift tickets are also a popular choice as prizes for events and often introduced in the media as a prize for the younger generations in the Social Media Campaigns.

Business partners

for Celebration and Business Partners

Presents suitable for Business opening celebration and Business Partners. Ideal for those who are looking for a unique gift other than flowers. We promise that all of our guests will be impressed by the view from the sky in a chartered helicopter.

Plan List
Optionsadditional option

Bouquet options can be added on the ticket purchase form.


Seasonal bouquet

Price¥ 9,900 ~


Rose bouquet

Price¥ 13,200 ~


Large bouquet

Price¥ 19,800 ~