Helicopter Day Trip1 DAY HELICOPTER TRIP

Round-Trip Helicopter + Private Taxi Package: A Luxurious Travel Experience



Explore Hakone and Mt. Fuji by Helicopter on a Day Trip

Embark on a serene day tour to popular tourist destinations via round-trip helicopter travel.

With the swift and smooth helicopter ride, you can travel above the traffic and crowds with ease. During your stay,

indulge in sightseeing with your private taxi service at your disposal.

Return to Tokyo by helicopter and savor the leisurely options of exploring the city or enjoying a relaxed dinner.

DETAILSPlan details

Departure from Tokyo Heliport to Your Destination

10:30 AM - Meet at the Tokyo Heliport
11:00 AM - Depart from Tokyo Heliport
11:40 AM - Arrive at Hakone/Oshino

3 hours stay/Private taxi

2:40 PM - Reassemble at the Heliport
3:00 PM - Depart from Hakone/Oshino
3:40 PM - Arrive at Tokyo Heliport

Hakone Sengokuhara Heliport

A mere 30-minute helicopter journey from Tokyo Heliport.

We offer guided tours to Lake Ashinoko, art museums, Owakudani, and Togendai using our private taxi service.

Depending on the season, you can also enjoy the breathtaking beauty of pampas grass and autumn foliage.

Fuji Oshino Heliport

Departing from Tokyo Heliport, the helicopter ride is approximately 35 minutes one way.

You can also relish the majestic view of Mount Fuji during the flight.

We provide guided tours to places like Oshino Hakkai and Lake Yamanaka using our private taxi service.

Guided Sightseeing by Taxi

Upon landing at the heliport, we will arrange a private taxi for you.

Our dedicated driver will take you to your desired destinations.

This comfortable plan ensures you can fully enjoy your time at the local attractions.