Helicopter Safety and AirX's Commitment to Safe Operations

Helicopter Safety

Although helicopters may give the impression of being accident-prone, they are in fact safe vehicles.

The actual data for the past 15 years shows that there have been zero fatal accidents on scenic and personnel transport flights conducted by helicopters by the operating companies.

There were also zero cases identified as serious incidents (situations in which there is a risk of an accident occurring).

The reality of helicopter accidents

Past rotary wing aircraft (helicopter) fatalities have shown the following characteristics

Accident Rates Once per 20,000 operating hours (established theory)
Details Operator Purpose
Enterprise Operator: 50% Advanced missions such as cargo transport, news reporting, etc.
Self-Defense Forces, Polices: 30% Difficult missions such as lifesaving and training in the mountains, etc.
Individual: 20% Flight decision making and maneuvering training under adverse weather conditions, etc.

The image of the accident has grown as a result of the media coverage of accidents that have occurred in the course of flying advanced missions under hazardous and unique conditions and in undertaking demanding missions such as lifesaving and training.

AirX's Commitment to Safe Operations

AirX is committed to providing our customers with a safe and enjoyable flight experience.

  1. Operational decisions in compliance with high safety standards and prompt coordination with the captain
  2. Creating a flight plan that does not overload the pilot
  3. Establishment of an airline maintenance support and aircraft maintenance system to meet high safety standards by AirX's aircraft maintenance department.