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Based on the 2022 operational performance report ‘Helicopter Operations’ by the All Japan Aviation Federation

Experience seamless booking of thrilling helicopter adventures and transportation with AIROS Skyview. Collaborating with top airlines across Japan, our convenient web service allows you to effortlessly reserve unforgettable experiences for the next day, subject to availability. Recognized by renowned media outlets like NTV’s “ZIP!” and “Shuichi,” as well as TBS’s “Gacchiri Monday,” embark on an exhilarating journey with AIROS Skyview and explore the skies with ease and excitement.

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AIROS Skyview Features

Safety is our Priority.
Reliable Helicopter Flight

We collaborate with
1. Approved airlines by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism.
2. Helicopter and aircraft operators approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism.
These airlines undergo strict operational management and safety inspections. Experienced pilots with extensive flight experience operate our flights. Over 30,000 passengers have utilized our services primarily for flights within Tokyo, ensuring safe and convenient experiences.

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Affordable Rate

Experience popular helicopter tours over Tokyo, with durations as short as 10 minutes. While helicopter rides are often associated with high costs, our prices start at just around 13,000 JPY per person. At AIROS Skyview, we strive to bring the sky closer to you, ensuring that every customer can truly feel connected to the skies above.


Luxurious Experience

Celebrate in the sky with AIROS Skyview's private helicopter charters. Perfect for proposals and creating unforgettable memories, our team caters to your desired ambiance. Trust us to provide comprehensive support, including optional bouquet arrangements, for a cherished milestone on your special day. Experience the rising trend of helicopter celebrations from the skies.



How to Book Flights

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Find your preferred plan

Select your preferred plan based on the area you want to fly over. For anniversaries or proposals, we recommend a flight of 20 minutes or more.

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Select a date and time

Next-day reservations available, subject to availability. Choose from popular options such as bouquet arrangements, private car services, and more.

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Proceed to Payment

Enter your card information to complete your reservation. Please make sure to arrive at the reserved heliport location.

Airos Skyview’s Support

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Flight Support

Online and email concierge services are available to provide support for flights up until the day of travel.

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Excellent quality services

Our responsive support extends all the way up to your day of travel, ensuring your comfort and peace of mind. Contact us via Line, email, or phone for prompt assistance throughout your journey.

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Staffs Guidance

Our dedicated staff will be present to guide you on the day of your flight and provide support for special events, such as proposals. Our team and pilots are fluent in both Japanese and English, ensuring effective communication throughout your experience.

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Recommended Flight Plans

Tokyo Plan

Explore popular tourist attractions in Tokyo, such as Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, and Rainbow Bridge, with our highly popular flight plans from 10 minutes and beyond. Our nighttime tours are particular recommended for dates, anniversaries, and proposals, creating unforgettable moments for your special occasions.

Flight Time
Price range
Heli 2
Available Time
Day, Night

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Mount Fuji Plan

Experience an extraordinary helicopter tour with captivating round trips to majestic Mount Fuji and stunning Lake Kawaguchi. Marvel at awe-inspiring vistas of the mesmerizing Aokigahara forest and picturesque Lake Kawaguchi. Soar through the sky and embrace breathtaking sights on this unforgettable journey.

Flight Time
Price range
Heli 2
Available Time
Day, Night

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Osaka Plan

Experience the beauty of popular tourist destinations in Osaka, such as the Nintoku Emperor's Mausoleum, Universal Studios Japan (USJ), Tsutenkaku, and Osaka Castle, with our sought-after sightseeing plans. Not limited to Osaka, our popular itineraries also allow you to explore the skies over Kyoto, Kobe, and Nara. Enjoy a comprehensive aerial tour of these captivating cities.

Flight Time
Price range
Heli 2
Available Time
Day, Night

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Yokohama Plan

Enjoy the popular flight plan that offers breathtaking views of the Minato Mirai area and the mesmerising night scenery of Yokohama's factories. For those who desire both the sights of Yokohama and Tokyo, this plan is highly recommended. Experience the best of both cities in one remarkable journey.

Flight Time
Price range
Heli 2
Available Time

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Frequently Asked Questions

① Please check your email before heading out. *You will receive an email in case of flight cancellation due to inclement weather.
② Please arrive at the meeting place precisely at the designated meeting time. (Arriving too early may result in extended waiting time.)
③ We will provide instructions on boarding procedures.
④ Our staff will guide you to the aircraft at the scheduled time. (Please note that the guide may arrive earlier than planned.)
⑤ After enjoying your flight, you can quickly disband.
In the event of a flight cancellation due to inclement weather on the day of your scheduled flight, we will reschedule your flight or provide a refund, with the exception of certain plans and reservations.
Rest assured, no cancellation fees will be charged in such cases.
Our aircraft generally have a weight limit of up to 120kg per seat. The total body weight limit is 210kg for our 3-seater aircraft and 330kg for our 5-seater aircraft. However, please note that there may be exceptions, such as for longer courses, where weight restrictions may apply.
We appreciate your understanding that in certain cases, we may need to decline participation based on weight limitations.
Changes or modifications to your reservation can be made up to 3 days prior to the scheduled date. Please make sure to contact us via LINE or through the Contact Form provided. When contacting us, kindly provide the following details:
① Full Name ② Reservation Date and Time
All our flights are chartered, offering you exclusive use of the helicopter.
Please note that certain plans, such as the joint ride option, may have specific arrangements and are not available for charter.
Please contact us immediately using the phone number provided in the day guide email. In case of any necessary schedule adjustments to accommodate other customers, we kindly ask for your cooperation.
Please note that such adjustments may result in a shorter or canceled flight time, and no refund will be provided in such cases.


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